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Texas 2007
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The state flower is bluebonnets. They were in full bloom when we arrived.

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San Antonio

We spent a few days in San Antonio with our favorite cousins, as has become a tradition. We were there last in 2005.

07042404.jpg (73211 byte)07042406.jpg (70851 byte) We strolled along the San Antonio River Walk.
07042407.jpg (80857 byte)07042408.jpg (55200 byte) Not many people out yet, but usually crowded in the evening.
07042510.jpg (59782 byte)07042516.jpg (69404 byte) The River Walk is considered a city park and seems to continue on forever along the river to residential areas.
07042409.jpg (69925 byte)07042414.jpg (54909 byte) We were serenaded by mariachis at Casa Rio, the first San Antonio business to open on the River in 1946, taking advantage of the fantastic setting. It was marvelous -- until it started raining on us!
07042503.jpg (62287 byte)07042529.jpg (64602 byte) We ate breakfast outdoors at a Mexican Restaurant on the River Walk.

We visited the very interesting Institute of Texan Cultures and found a section about Swedes who immigrated to Texas.

07042535.jpg (51615 byte)07042549.jpg (79002 byte) For more than 35 years, the 750-foot-tall Tower of the Americas has offered the most breathtaking view of the city 
07042550.jpg (59948 byte)07042562.jpg (73672 byte) What we saw from the tower.
07042613.jpg (62800 byte)07042614.jpg (79052 byte) The Market Square, considered the largest Mexican marketplace outside of Mexico.
07042615.jpg (74755 byte)07042616.jpg (77713 byte) It really feels like being in Mexico to see all the wares on display.




Visited relatives

Large and small, young and old . . . we love them all!

07041020.jpg (76543 byte)  07041018.jpg (87171 byte)  07041003.jpg (50713 byte)
07041907.jpg (58615 byte)  07041703.jpg (67383 byte)  07042002.jpg (53482 byte)
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07041203.jpg (73115 byte)  07041208.jpg (74201 byte)  07041211.jpg (64913 byte)
07041816.jpg (65055 byte)  07041812.jpg (67292 byte)  07041304.jpg (60259 byte)  07041910.jpg (60124 byte)
07042127.jpg (57044 byte)  07042122.jpg (86462 byte)  07042107.jpg (78587 byte)
07041115.jpg (74807 byte) 07041117.jpg (54374 byte) 07041705.jpg (58640 byte) 07041723.jpg (65651 byte)
07041418.jpg (67058 byte)  07041422.jpg (65526 byte)  07041426.jpg (63538 byte)  07041427.jpg (74124 byte)
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We visited a ranch

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07041319.jpg (71195 byte) 07041320.jpg (65770 byte) 07041321.jpg (61041 byte)





As all over the world, Texas also has "mature" buildings that have seen better days. Louie likes to take pictures of them, and here is his collection.

07042109.jpg (74513 byte) 07042112.jpg (77964 byte) 07042113.jpg (74989 byte) 07042210.jpg (70167 byte)
07042201.jpg (58967 byte) 07042202.jpg (59582 byte) 07042713.jpg (67736 byte) 07042731.jpg (73625 byte)
07042734.jpg (59067 byte) 07042735.jpg (76380 byte) 07042736.jpg (58591 byte) 07042737.jpg (71183 byte)
07042738.jpg (72548 byte) 07042739.jpg (58213 byte)

Then we continued on to Indiana and Tennessee




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