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Tennessee 2007
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In early May we went to Gatlinburg with Myra's siblings -- we were 5 senior citizens and we had a ball!


Getting there

07050103.jpg (47412 byte)07050108.jpg (67836 byte) Crossing the Ohio River.

Picnic lunch.

07050905.jpg (55718 byte)07050913.jpg (60845 byte) Driving through Pigeon Forge -- home of Dollywood, Fiddlers' Feast AND more outlet malls than you can shake a stick at.




MountainLoft - our abode for the week

07050806.jpg (67992 byte)  07050808.jpg (68529 byte)  07050809.jpg (55732 byte)  07050814.jpg (85829 byte)
07050815.jpg (64930 byte)  07050817.jpg (72266 byte)  07050818.jpg (66378 byte)  07050824.jpg (71115 byte)
07050204.jpg (64284 byte) 07050201.jpg (80463 byte) 07050202.jpg (66810 byte) 07050402.jpg (83618 byte)

We had our very own pet out on the balcony, even though we didn't feed him!

07050802.jpg (89953 byte) 07050675.jpg (83831 byte) 07050678.jpg (72654 byte) 07050677.jpg (49985 byte)

07050680.jpg (68613 byte) 





07050404.jpg (65028 byte)07050405.jpg (57982 byte) The Miracle in Pigeon Forge, TN is the stunning musical based on the life of Christ told in epic proportions. Definitely something to see!
07050501.jpg (56516 byte)07050502.jpg (49262 byte) Fiddlers' Feast dinner show. It’s the music of Tennessee, and its taste, too! We enjoyed the hickory wood grilled meal served by the entertainers. Great fun.
07050729.jpg (53052 byte)07050726.jpg (71480 byte) Then we went back for the lunch show for half price. Good food as well as more good fun. 
07050730.jpg (48879 byte)07050732.jpg (66998 byte) Afterwards the entertainers gladly autographed CD's that we bought.





According to Wikipedia, Dollywood first opened in 1961 as a small tourist attraction named "Rebel Railroad". It is located in Pigeon Forge, a neighboring town to Gatlinburg, and has grown considerably since then. I didn't have any great expectations, and was therefore pleasantly surprised at all we found.

There are a number of theaters with live shows. There are also various themes throughout the year and we were there during the Festival of Nations and enjoyed shows from several different countries. All shows are included in the entrance price. A non-advertised perk is that if you enter after 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon, your ticket is valid all of the next day. So, we closed the park two days in a row, saw many good shows, rode on a few rides, ate good food and were pooped when we left the second day, but very happy. There were two sections we didn't even get to, so we have something new to see the next time we go! Here are our pictures from the park. 

07050301.jpg (64276 byte) 07050306.jpg (66339 byte) 07050207.jpg (68226 byte) 07050211.jpg (65254 byte)
07050213.jpg (76914 byte) 07050214.jpg (78711 byte) 07050305.jpg (57995 byte) 07050253.jpg (56715 byte)
07050258.jpg (58912 byte) 07050254.jpg (78613 byte) 07050328.jpg (75278 byte) 07050338.jpg (75641 byte)
07050259.jpg (75954 byte) 07050260.jpg (74607 byte) 07050261.jpg (78317 byte) 07050262.jpg (67655 byte)
07050263.jpg (58634 byte) 07050264.jpg (80950 byte) 07050330.jpg (38243 byte) 07050325.jpg (54916 byte)
07050215.jpg (24075 byte) 07050308.jpg (60986 byte) 07050315.jpg (70932 byte) 07050321.jpg (46007 byte)
07050226.jpg (78946 byte) 07050228.jpg (63884 byte) 07050227.jpg (76900 byte) 07050229.jpg (59739 byte)
07050231.jpg (62351 byte) 07050233.jpg (68792 byte) 07050236.jpg (59090 byte) 07050238.jpg (63300 byte)
07050247.jpg (64947 byte) 




Great Smoky Mountains National Park

It was only a short distance to the national park. Passing the North Carolina state line we continued on to Clingmans Dome, where we hiked ½ mile (800 m) -- straight up -- to the lookout tower (6,643 feet or 2,024 m). Not far, but at that height the air was thin so we had to stop several times to catch our breath. The view was supposed to be spectacular, but when we reached the bottom of the tower we could hardly see it, let alone any view!

07050601.jpg (71366 byte) 07050606.jpg (86784 byte) 07050617.jpg (51657 byte) 07050622.jpg (41657 byte)
07050623.jpg (51467 byte) 07050627.jpg (78642 byte) 07050630.jpg (65356 byte) 07050661.jpg (41802 byte)
07050635.jpg (34370 byte) 07050637.jpg (42809 byte) 07050674.jpg (74711 byte)


A couple of days later we returned to the national park, but this time we went towards Cades Cove, driving along an 11-mile loop following many of the curves and courses that settlers forged years ago. Many historic buildings are found in this part of the park. Settlers came in 1819 and began farming. This was a beautiful drive, and definitely something to return to. We were in a hurry that day, as we were on our way to a lunch show with Uncle Bud and the Dixie Darlins.

07050701.jpg (60401 byte)  07050705.jpg (64016 byte)  07050706.jpg (61188 byte)  07050712.jpg (63306 byte)

07050713.jpg (71648 byte) 07050714.jpg (57169 byte) 07050715.jpg (67833 byte) 07050718.jpg (66863 byte)
07050720.jpg (68220 byte) 07050722.jpg (72610 byte) 07050724.jpg (75470 byte) 07050725.jpg (74610 byte)




Homeward Bound

All good things must come to an end . . .

07050902.jpg (69538 byte)07050112.jpg (76608 byte) The "Last Breakfast".

Packed and ready to go.

07050928.jpg (46323 byte)07050929.jpg (45009 byte) Crossing the Ohio River.

Back home again in Indiana . . . 




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