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Indiana 2007
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I början av Indyvistelsen åkte vi även till Tennessee en vecka med Myras syskon.

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07042827.jpg (76639 byte)07042830.jpg (80171 byte) We landed in Indy, then headed for Greenwood.




Visited Relatives

Large and small, young and old . . . we love them all!

We celebrated Mother's Day, several birthdays and enjoyed other family get-togethers.

07042904.jpg (80320 byte) 07052854.jpg (87186 byte) 07052857.jpg (87111 byte)
07051308.jpg (68034 byte) 07051507.jpg (72365 byte) 07052406.jpg (62868 byte)07052408.jpg (66964 byte)
07052413.jpg (66107 byte) 07052415.jpg (59350 byte) 07052712.jpg (62238 byte)07052715.jpg (63949 byte)
07052725.jpg (72023 byte) 07052819.jpg (78257 byte) 07060305.jpg (64955 byte) 
07051311.jpg (63663 byte)07051312.jpg (70183 byte) Now girls, this is the way you go Nordic Walking

Read more about Nordic Walking




Visited Classmates and Other Friends

07051706.jpg (74467 byte)07051902.jpg (46612 byte) The old gang had lunch together.

Another classmate that took us on a tour of "The Grove".

07051916.jpg (65752 byte)07051917.jpg (55058 byte) Where we went to school. It was the "new" high school then. Now there is a newer one and this is the middle school.
07051805.jpg (68778 byte) Not a classmate, but I was in their wedding way back when.




Cruised "The Grove"

07051903.jpg (78433 byte)07051906.jpg (49649 byte) Found some tourist information in the old clubhouse.

The library has been built on to and we picked up some books for the kids at their clearance sale.

07051908.jpg (75092 byte)07051909.jpg (46410 byte) The kids' section in the library didn't used to look like this. Louie rather liked the train theme.
07051915.jpg (67468 byte)07051913.jpg (61671 byte) The house where Myra grew up with the garage her dad built. Same fiberglass awnings that were put on in the 1950's and probably same siding too. The street is now one-way to cut down on congestion.




The Grandkids Came

No more peace and quiet! They kept us quite busy. Here are their very own comments.

07052102.jpg (49357 byte)07052104.jpg (50471 byte) On the way home from the airport.

Tired after a LONG day of traveling.

07052305.jpg (80129 byte) Swinging at the neighbor's.
07052302.jpg (34329 byte)07052311.jpg (73589 byte) Our cousins brought us some 3-D books, Lego blocks and games -- LOTS of fun! When Mommy reads to us, we can both put 3-D glasses on to look at the exciting pictures.

Everyone spoils us.

07052316.jpg (69697 byte)07052803.jpg (72060 byte) GOBS of toys and games here for us. Our cousins like to play with us.

An early birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa for someone who's good at taking pictures.

07052405.jpg (69610 byte)07052410.jpg (77144 byte) Another cousin has a trampoline

AND a dog -- how lucky can you get?

07052501.jpg (66218 byte)07052503.jpg (63691 byte) On a picnic -- Grandma made tuna salad sandwiches, our favorite.
07052504.jpg (57626 byte)07052508.jpg (50716 byte)
07052509.jpg (59226 byte)07060406.jpg (75592 byte) A slide -- my favorite.

Fun with a merry-go-round, too.

07052514.jpg (77285 byte)07060101.jpg (69027 byte) I know how to use Grandma's walking sticks!

Mommy gave us a pedicure, with pretty nail polish on our toes.

07052701.jpg (54232 byte)07052705.jpg (67957 byte) We went to Sunday School

and church services.

07052711.jpg (67248 byte)07052727.jpg (71974 byte) Another cousin had a dog too!
07052707.jpg (70016 byte)07060410.jpg (53583 byte) When it rained we had to exercise inside.
07060117.jpg (71505 byte)07060121.jpg (67184 byte) We saw a real magician in a restaurant.
07060201.jpg (75087 byte)07060202.jpg (56301 byte) We went to a crafts class at Michaels.

We got to make sun visors while Mommy and Grandma went shopping for crafts supplies.

07060204.jpg (78483 byte)07060205.jpg (77704 byte) We got to go swimming with Grandpa.
07060501.jpg (69358 byte)07060502.jpg (74610 byte) We sat outside and cooled off our tummies when the weather was nice.
07060507.jpg (63896 byte)07060511.jpg (62811 byte) Big hugs for everyone.

We brought a little bit of Sweden with us.




A Day in Brown County

Our cousin has a place in Brown County, where we discovered LOTS of exciting things to do.

07052814.jpg (70524 byte)07052818.jpg (71395 byte) We had a cookout. Good food, everyone ate TOO much.

Other cousins came too, which was fun.

07052823.jpg (81548 byte) The General Store was especially fun and kept our new photographer busy.
07052824.jpg (61190 byte) 07052825.jpg (62085 byte) 07052826.jpg (62232 byte) 07052827.jpg (69255 byte)
The treasure chest was really exciting! We sifted through the sand and found REAL treasures! We hope we get to go back again.

07052832.jpg (78671 byte) 07052833.jpg (77286 byte) 07052834.jpg (66552 byte) 07052835.jpg (77627 byte)

07052843.jpg (64059 byte)07052845.jpg (56554 byte) We took a walk through the woods.

And found a tree house.

S'mores -- a must at any cookout. With girl scout leaders present, we got the very best. Girl Scouts have been making these delicious treats since 1927!

07052848.jpg (69994 byte) 07052849.jpg (76307 byte) 07052850.jpg (60395 byte) 07052852.jpg (74004 byte)

07052874.jpg (62914 byte)07052876.jpg (35309 byte) Typical Indiana scenery on our way home to Greenwood.

Here are some pictures our new photographer got with her camera during the day.

07052801AA.jpg (61790 byte) 07052809AA.jpg (59300 byte) 07052808AA.jpg (79948 byte) 07052803AA.jpg (78040 byte) 
07052804AA.jpg (84341 byte)07052805AA.jpg (68634 byte)  07052806AA.jpg (71891 byte) 07052807AA.jpg (66370 byte) 
07052812AA.jpg (77857 byte) 07052817AA.jpg (75735 byte) 07052813AA.jpg (64134 byte) 07052814AA.jpg (75736 byte)
07052815AA.jpg (71742 byte) 07052816AA.jpg (72884 byte) 07052811AA.jpg (74303 byte) 07052810AA.jpg (74268 byte)




A Day at The Zoo

07053002.jpg (71784 byte)07053007.jpg (77249 byte) Indianapolis Zoo

Dressed for a day at the zoo.

We saw policemen on horses right downtown -- is that part of the zoo, Mommy?

07053008.jpg (77043 byte)07053013.jpg (59908 byte) We drove through downtown Indianapolis -- the "Crossroads of America". Grandma says this picture is taken on US 40, historically known as the Cumberland Road built in the early 1800's.

Grandma outside the entrance to the zoo.

07053016.jpg (68987 byte)07053018.jpg (64036 byte) Wow! Look at that bear.

There's even a playground at the zoo.

07053019.jpg (73052 byte)07053020.jpg (73922 byte) One girl off the slide.

Next girl off the slide.

07053023.jpg (65308 byte)07053024.jpg (60764 byte) Good thing we brought a picnic along, because there's lots to see. Grandma made tuna salad sandwiches for us.

Statues are great to climb on.

07053025.jpg (56841 byte)07053028.jpg (54311 byte) Ready for the dolphin show.

We got to look at the dolphins under water.

07053030.jpg (42999 byte)07053015AA.jpg (45642 byte) Get my camera ready to take a picture.

This is the picture I took with my new camera.

07053033.jpg (71197 byte)07053044.jpg (55602 byte) There was even a splash area where we could get wet and cool off.

We saw walruses.

07053034.jpg (73042 byte)07053038.jpg (59508 byte) We petted sharks!
07053040.jpg (38483 byte)07053041.jpg (43968 byte) And we saw penguins.




Time for Grandma and Grandpa to go home

07060604.jpg (70323 byte)07060607.jpg (64414 byte) At the airport.

So that's what those trolleys are used for.




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