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California 2007
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På svenska

There was snow on the ground when we left Skövde.

07032310.jpg (74622 byte)07032311.jpg (64329 byte) At the airport waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to leave.

We flew from Gothenburg to Amsterdam

07032346.jpg (65680 byte) Then on to LA, where we almost missed our flight to San Diego because Myra changed the time wrong on her watch.



Visited with family

We stayed in Escondido this year, but the main purpose of our visit was to visit family.

07032540.jpg (60135 byte)07032545.jpg (77452 byte) We had the privilege of seeing a nephew and his triplets twice.
07033111.jpg (64763 byte) And another nephew came by.


07033131.jpg (68408 byte)07033132.jpg (67189 byte) A good time was had by all . . .
07032531.jpg (49696 byte)07033128.jpg (71071 byte) at the pool across from our unit.
07033134.jpg (57297 byte)07033141.jpg (60941 byte)
07033149.jpg (66050 byte)07032533.jpg (70330 byte) A hearty appetite after a swim. Our gourmet menu consisted of hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad and of course ice cream and Oreos for dessert.
07040610.jpg (59947 byte)07032761.jpg (60905 byte) Visiting with a third nephew - we ate Mexican food with a view towards the ocean.

We also got to visit a favorite relative in Imperial Valley, 96 and still going strong. We had Mexican food for lunch with her and her daughter, then a long chat at home.

07033004.jpg (68762 byte)07033007.jpg (77302 byte) Louie and his sister visited with their 90-year-old aunt in Oceanside.

She gave us lots of information about the family to put in our Family Tree program. Myra typed it direct.

07040302.jpg (65621 byte) We also had a chance to show Louie's aunt and uncle some pictures from our house.



Relived old memories

07032407.jpg (64744 byte)07032411.jpg (74040 byte) The old house in Solana Beach where Louie grew up. It is however now surrounded by houses replacing the avocado grove his parents had.

The house by another avocado grove the family owned outside of Solana Beach.

07032750.jpg (73712 byte)07032755.jpg (73335 byte) The old store in Meloland, close to where Louie was born.

The house where Louie was born. His parents built it in 1936.

07032753.jpg (65117 byte)07032752.jpg (64097 byte) The old Imperial Valley Field Station where Louie worked before going to Tucson. It is also close to where he was born.

The apartment he lived in on the station is still there.

07032762.jpg (64867 byte) The Rose School, the one-room schoolhouse where Louie started school. Now found at The Pioneer Heritage Museum in El Centro



Went sightseeing

07032417.jpg (67293 byte) We found various varieties of winter squash in the grocery, including spaghetti squash and acorn squash.
07032612.jpg (49341 byte) There were more than one casino closeby, not more than a half hour's drive away. Many more within an hour's drive - all on indian reservations.

Pala Casino

07032644.jpg (51845 byte)07032646.jpg (56626 byte) Good food available at reasonable prices. No alcoholic beverages however on indian reservations.

Harrah's Rincon

07032622.jpg (52521 byte)07032625.jpg (58747 byte) Palomar Observatory was also close to us.
07032634.jpg (59774 byte)07032632.jpg (66906 byte) Palomar in the distance.

A western scene nearby the observatory.

07032708.jpg (39527 byte) WHY we don't live in sunny southern California! On our way down to El Centro, the cars driving towards San Diego formed a parking lot in the freeway lanes. The five lanes one-way from Escondido were so congested that we could only drive 20 MPH. 
07032746.jpg (55544 byte)07032749.jpg (58790 byte) There is still farming in Imperial Valley, outside of El Centro.
07032901.jpg (57697 byte)07032903.jpg (50170 byte) Building through the valley close to Escondido.

The oranges fell off the trees after a freeze. There will soon be houses growing here too.

07032803.jpg (66217 byte)07032805.jpg (54878 byte) Driving through Rancho Santa Fe.

Solana Beach.

07040207.jpg (71949 byte)07040225.jpg (69871 byte) Visited with good friends in Corona Del Mar that we usually only see in Sweden.



Stayed at the Lawrence Welk Resort

07032401.jpg (67642 byte)  With "The Man" himself. Over 13 billion viewers watched his program during a nine year period. It ran for about 30 years and repeats are still shown on PBS in his regular time slot, Saturday evening at 6:00 p.m.
07040512.jpg (72089 byte)07040510.jpg (63809 byte) In the museum devoted to him in the lobby of The Welk Theater, where we went to see a live performance of "Fiddler on the Roof".
07040513.jpg (51879 byte)07040515.jpg (58823 byte) From his early career. He led many small bands and played all over the country before he got his big break and played on TV - first local and then national.
07032504.jpg (63449 byte)07032514.jpg (45777 byte) Two 18-hole golf courses on site and another one closeby. Lawrence loved to golf and this started out as a getaway place for him with a trailer park.
07032513.jpg (82280 byte)07032806.jpg (85712 byte) Lots of good walking through the complex.
07040330.jpg (65192 byte) From above.
07033106.jpg (68721 byte) Adding on at the resort.
07032807.jpg (54839 byte)07032808.jpg (55784 byte) Building along the rim above the resort.

Then we headed for Texas




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