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Sunshine Coast

Perigian Beach

07021411.jpg (55371 byte)07021416.jpg (63504 byte) Perigian Beach, a real paradise. We dropped our bags in the house and headed for the beach.
07021427.jpg (73457 byte)07021418.jpg (57500 byte) This is the house we got to borrow a couple of days -- only a few steps from the beach.

CA and FL can dream about such wonderful beaches.

07021417.jpg (36128 byte) See the rainbow!
07021539.jpg (57794 byte)07021540.jpg (88368 byte) Just around the corner we found Perigian Garden Centre, an oasis of good ideas.
07021542.jpg (47477 byte)07021543.jpg (48236 byte) A bit about the coastal vegetation.

Plenty of space on the beach as far as the eye can see.



Noosa Heads

07021430.jpg (59225 byte)07021432.jpg (64836 byte) A short drive north took us to the tourist town of Noosa Heads.

Noosa Heads Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) had its own restaurant right on the beach, as did many SLSC's along the coast.

07021433.jpg (75411 byte)07021434.jpg (80782 byte) Walking through town, typical tourist shops found everywhere.

Then there was part of the national park with its protected natural vegetation.

07021435.jpg (56215 byte) AND plenty of beach.
07021603.jpg (62562 byte)07021606.jpg (62416 byte) Luxury housing could be found for those who can afford it.




07021501.jpg (63059 byte)07021511.jpg (55262 byte) Driving a short distance the other direction we found the delightful beachside town first visited by Europeans in 1823.
07021505.jpg (74349 byte)07021503.jpg (75530 byte) A school class arriving for surfing lessons.
07021513.jpg (74240 byte)07021514.jpg (78003 byte) Point Perry, where a WWII memorial can be found.
07021515.jpg (79577 byte)07021521.jpg (51462 byte) Housing with a view, much more moderately priced than Noosa Heads.



Noosa National Park

07021526.jpg (48342 byte)07021528.jpg (77517 byte) Part of Noosa National Park is found between Perigian Beach and Coolum.
07021523.jpg (69651 byte)07021524.jpg (64527 byte) Emu Mountain in the background.
07021530.jpg (62462 byte)07021531.jpg (44699 byte) Views from the top of Emu Mountain.
07021532.jpg (58108 byte)07021533.jpg (60922 byte) Perigian Section, a short walk to the beach leads across a boardwalk through paperbark swamp and sedgelands and down a sandy track to heathland with colorful wildflowers and dune plants.
07021535.jpg (79528 byte)07021538.jpg (30536 byte) A wide beach as far as the eye can see . . . almost all to ourselves.




A store was established in 1848 before the town was even surveyed. Cobb & Co started running a coach to the township in 1865. The arrival of the railway resulted in a boom in local industry. There are approximately 11,000 people living in the town, but provides the best of town and country living with the peace of countryside and good services available. Warwick is noted for it's mild summers and chilly winters. 

07021651.jpg (71170 byte) We stayed with friends for a week and of course enjoyed a good barbecue.
07021908.jpg (62605 byte)07021909.jpg (68745 byte) The town's heritage and historic buildings are impressive.

Warwick Town Hall, built in 1888 and constructed from local sandstone.

07021910.jpg (58901 byte)07021911.jpg (68378 byte) The brick Criterion Hotel, built 1917 to replace a structure from the 1860's. There are pressed metal ceilings and in the bar the face of the Virgin Mary keeps watch over patrons.

The sandstone Post Office, the third to be built in town, opened in 1898. Designed by the Dept. of Public Works, it reflects the high standard of government buildings. In the foreground is the Byrnes Monument in commemoration of the first native-born Premier of Queensland who died in 1898 at the age of 38.

07021921.jpg (78116 byte)07021923.jpg (55305 byte) Palace Hotel.
07021922.jpg (69748 byte)07021918.jpg (57878 byte) Another pretty building in town.

The brick Langham Hotel (now the Condamine Sports Club) was completed in 1913 and replaced the earlier Rose Inn.

07021924.jpg (64069 byte)07021925.jpg (82988 byte) St. Mary's Catholic Church was completed in 1926, the foundation stone laid in February 1920. The roof is sheeted in slate.

Old St. Mary's Church built in 1864 was the earliest sandstone church in town.

07021930.jpg (45503 byte)07021931.jpg (78882 byte) St. George's Lodge, built in 1886, is one of the finest Masonic buildings in Queensland.

An old house, currently home to the Mormon Church.

07021935.jpg (68309 byte)07021936.jpg (55852 byte) Court House, built in 1885. It was decided during construction to add the clock tower.

The first Police Station was built in 1849. This Police Station was completed in 1901, providing offices and residential accommodation. Five new cells and a keeper's residence, all of stone, along with stables were completed at the same time.

07022201.jpg (67214 byte)07022203.jpg (71414 byte) New luxury residences with a view are also being built on Mt. Tabor, outside of Warwick. These houses would feel at home most anywhere in the world.



Day Trips

07021715.jpg (63702 byte)07021716.jpg (46619 byte) An apple orchard covered for protection from hail.
07021721.jpg (70577 byte)07021723.jpg (78209 byte) We visited a nearby vegetable farm.
07021733.jpg (57084 byte)07021745.jpg (59112 byte) Stanthorpe or Texas? I thought we were going to Texas NEXT month?

We ate lunch at Hidden Creek Winery, but didn't care for their wine.

07021738.jpg (54315 byte)07021737.jpg (59722 byte) A short stop in Stanthorpe.
07021744.jpg (65926 byte)07021765.jpg (57391 byte) Wonderful view everywhere, and we even saw a wallaby.
07021755.jpg (69941 byte)07021756.jpg (70283 byte) Aloomba Lavender

We enjoyed afternoon tea and scones on the veranda.

07021757.jpg (60449 byte)07021759.jpg (61348 byte) View from the veranda.

Lavender plants everywhere. They are hung to dry under the veranda.

07021775.jpg (53134 byte)07021780.jpg (71737 byte) A peaceful view across the countryside.
07021781.jpg (62040 byte)07021784.jpg (61964 byte) The Canoe Tree provided its bark for a large river canoe.

The scars are 150-200 years old.

70218046.jpg (62651 byte)70218048.jpg (62274 byte) Main Range National Park, where we enjoyed a short walking track. Being a World Heritage area, it offers an impressive waterfall, challenging hikes and easy rainforest walks with wonderful views.
70218068.jpg (83641 byte)70218098.jpg (68147 byte) Found a giant tree at the Fassifern Valley Lookout.

Pretty Scenery.

70218148.jpg (44085 byte)70218145.jpg (56948 byte) Queen Mary Falls, also part of the Main Range National Park in Cunningham's Gap.
70218134.jpg (74071 byte)70218130.jpg (57638 byte) Tame parrots ate out of our hands near Queen Mary Falls.
07022164.jpg (62459 byte)07022168.jpg (61555 byte) Leyburn Timber Craft.
07022172.jpg (71334 byte)07022175.jpg (56243 byte) Unique furniture at very reasonable prices.
07022176.jpg (57541 byte) The church next door to Leyburn Timber Craft.
07022401.jpg (66647 byte)07022319.jpg (79015 byte) What a way to start the day -- a mug of coffee in the hot tub. Nothing wrong with the view either! 

On our way to the Gold Coast we spent the night with friends in the mountains near Brisbane. 

07022408.jpg (56429 byte)07022411.jpg (61681 byte) After breakfast we took a walk in D'Aguilar National Park, right on our doorstep.
07022412.jpg (81256 byte)07022415.jpg (67071 byte) Boys and their toys . . .

All the neat wheels . . . the drivers stopped for coffee.



07022004.jpg (59208 byte)07022005.jpg (59555 byte) The Garden City. Our good friend Mary took us to Toowoomba for the day and we started out with the Japanese Garden.
07022006.jpg (63887 byte)07022009.jpg (56010 byte) Everything is so serene.
07022012.jpg (58775 byte)07022013.jpg (60309 byte) Then we continued on to another garden. 
07022014.jpg (57515 byte) After many years of drought and not being allowed to water, the gardens are taking their toll, with many empty flower beds.
07022021.jpg (69301 byte)07022024.jpg (67806 byte) Picnic Point, an outlook point with a view of Table Top Mountain.
07022024.jpg (67806 byte)07022030.jpg (54184 byte) A view of the city.
07022039.jpg (70468 byte)07022041.jpg (65253 byte) Yet another garden.
07022049.jpg (52209 byte)07022051.jpg (69662 byte) Pressed metal ceiling where we ate lunch at Valetta's Caf.

Next door was the Toowoomba Antiques Gallery.

07022055.jpg (47094 byte)07022056.jpg (46185 byte) We visited the Cobb & Co Museum.
07022061.jpg (64132 byte)07022067.jpg (55770 byte) Display of Cobb & Co horse-drawn coaches.



Jondaryan Woolshed

07022148.jpg (59515 byte)07022127.jpg (57697 byte) Located northwest of Toowoomba, the Jondaryan Woolshed is a historical museum and park.

It was officially closed the day we visited, refurbishing the Bank of New South Wales that acts as entrance. 

07022129.jpg (63066 byte)07022132.jpg (57735 byte) No one said anything to us however as we walked around and took pictures.
07022133.jpg (69150 byte)07022134.jpg (72276 byte) Historic buildings, machinery, equipment and collections, which have been obtained and restored over the past 25 years.
07022139.jpg (53793 byte)07022140.jpg (79026 byte) The boundary riders hut, constructed in 1872, relocated to this site in the 1970's.
07022135.jpg (80826 byte)07022150.jpg (79950 byte) An open-air museum with much to see.



Gold Coast

07022424.jpg (66356 byte)07022430.jpg (54268 byte) Captain James Cook was the first European to sail along the coast in 1770.
07022432.jpg (66020 byte)07022511.jpg (78297 byte) Some of the tourists to visit the area since tourism became popular in 1925 when Surfers Paradise Hotel was built.
07022501.jpg (64178 byte)07022447.jpg (44774 byte) View along the coast.

WorldMark Trendwest Kirra Beach, where we stayed. Five minutes from Gold Coast Airport and a short distance from Coolangatta, at the southern end of the Gold Coast. 

07022504.jpg (72130 byte)07022448.jpg (37864 byte) Great beaches as far as you can see.
07022515.jpg (73895 byte) Great views.
07022522.jpg (65379 byte)07022520.jpg (58786 byte) Because of the Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypassing Project, southern Gold Coast beaches will return to the way they were before the Tweed River rock walls were extended in the 1960's causing extensive erosion.

The sand bypass pumping (see the pipeline) transports the sand that nature brings along the coast.




In the new millennium the capital city of Queensland, Brisbane is one of Australia's fastest growing centers, receiving large numbers of migrants from other Australian states and territories.

07022701.jpg (51210 byte)07022641.jpg (56405 byte) Searching for good drinking water, a colony was established here in 1824 after trying unsuccessfully at another location further up the Brisbane River.

Two old paddle-wheelers provide tours along the waterway.

07022613.jpg (72771 byte)07022616.jpg (58090 byte) A city of well over a million inhabitants has many skyskrapers.

Bank of New South Wales

07022614.jpg (65517 byte)07022622.jpg (62507 byte) The new is mixed with the old.
07022643.jpg (61746 byte)07022644.jpg (66021 byte) Louie likes taking pictures of reflections in buildings.
07022645.jpg (62395 byte)07022646.jpg (72845 byte) Older well-kept buildings now lie snuggled between larger newer ones.
07022737.jpg (53012 byte)07022739.jpg (71077 byte)
07022726.jpg (70294 byte)07022730.jpg (67451 byte) There is a very efficient ferry service along the Brisbane River, the CityCat has catamarans and whisks people quickly from one area to another.
07022738.jpg (58339 byte)07022740.jpg (63909 byte) A day-pass on the popular CityCat ferry is a good way to view the city from the river.
07022743.jpg (60428 byte)07022744.jpg (67166 byte) We got off the ferry and strolled through the impressive Brisbane City Botanic Gardens near the CBD (Central Business District).
07022766.jpg (59885 byte)07022768.jpg (71453 byte) Spectacular views of the skyline and many bridges from the river.
07022785.jpg (70091 byte)07022787.jpg (42957 byte) We were so impressed with the views, that we decided to check it out at night as well.
07022790.jpg (44394 byte)07022792.jpg (55010 byte) Well-lit buildings and bridges show up at night.
07022656.jpg (78140 byte)07022803.jpg (62450 byte) View from our hotel room window.

A swim in the outdoor pool on the roof before leaving for the airport.

Then it was time to return home to Sweden, where we found snow.






We were impressed with the architecture we found. According to Wikipedia, Queenslander (or Old Queenslander) architecture is an architectural style common throughout Queensland.

07021623.jpg (56328 byte)07021635.jpg (49162 byte) Houses we saw driving from Perigian Beach to Warwick.
07021708.jpg (56094 byte)07021959.jpg (62713 byte) A brand-new house in the Queenslander style that good friends recently built. We were privileged to stay with them for a week.
07022010.jpg (77175 byte)07022011.jpg (70709 byte) In Toowoomba.
07022073.jpg (67349 byte)07022151.jpg (58192 byte) Outskirts of Toowoomba.

Northwest of Toowoomba, working underneath the house!




As all over the world, Queensland also has "mature" buildings that have seen better days. Louie likes to take pictures of them, and here is his collection.

07021701.jpg (79282 byte)  07021750.jpg (57157 byte)  07021763.jpg (66739 byte)  
07021767.jpg (47497 byte)  07021771.jpg (56010 byte)  07021773.jpg (53973 byte)  
70218040.jpg (64600 byte)  70218083.jpg (61008 byte)  70218097.jpg (61209 byte) 
07021769.jpg (61897 byte)


Three weeks later our next adventure took us to California.


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