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På svenska


Back from Williamsburg and Asheville, time for some quick visiting with relatives and last-minute shopping before heading back to Sweden.

06092610.jpg (53215 byte)06092611.jpg (41596 byte)06092613.jpg (54392 byte) The "3 musketeers" outside our cousin's house where we had a delightful family dinner.


06092703.jpg (42083 byte)06092704.jpg (43112 byte)06092708.jpg (44022 byte) Time to leave Greenwood for this trip. 

At the airport and in the air.


06092809.jpg (42270 byte)06092810.jpg (49681 byte)06092814.jpg (52094 byte) Back in Sweden - getting on the train in Gothenburg.

Straight to pick up the grandkids from playschool.

06092816.jpg (48019 byte) Aren't we EVER going to get to taste the cake we helped Mommy bake for Grandma and Grandpa?

Life is back to "normal".




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