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Welcome to Myra's Travelogue

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Here you can find pictures from our travels, along with comments.


We began the year with two weeks at our favorite spot in Costa del Sol.



Our first trip of the year took us to Costa del Sol. We visited some new places and some old favorites. On the way to our first cruise for the year we stopped at the border town of Strömstad on our way to Oslo where we went on a British Isles Cruise. During the summer we went on a bus trip to Växjö with Vasa Order of America. Our second cruise of the year took us from Stockholm to Tallinn and St. Petersburg. In October we went to the States for 2 months, ending with our last cruise of the year to the Caribbean before returning home.



What an experience - we started the year with a week in Orlando and then a 46-day cruise around South America! Then another 2 months in the States before returning home. During the summer we visited Oslo, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Bitten by the "cruise bug", we enjoyed a cruise in the Mediterranean in December.


We started the year in Costa del Sol by celebrating Louie's birthday. The kids came down for a week and enjoyed many activities. In May we spent a week  in Avignon, where Louie attended a pumpkin conference.


The year is starting good! We started out on the island of Bintan off the coast of Singapore. Then on to New Zealand and Australia before returning home the beginning of March.


We went to Costa del Sol in Spain for two weeks in January, staying just outside of Marbella. In June we spent two weeks on the island of Aruba, one of the ABC islands. In August we went to the States for six weeks.



We were snowbirds in Tucson, Arizona all of January. In February we visited Phoenix and Wickenburg on our way to Las Vegas for a night. Then we stayed in Sedona for a week, visiting Grand Canyon. Awhile in Texas visiting relatives then on to relatives in Indiana. Missing the winter in Sweden, we went to Norway the beginning of May and found snow! We celebrated our 40th anniversary in Maria Alm, Austria -- a short distance from Zell am See. In July Kassie, Brittany and I spent a few days in Paris.



On our way around the world, we stopped in Singapore for a week. Then we stopped a few days in Sydney on our way to New Zealand, where we saw many sights on both the north and south islands. We stopped in California on the way home, visiting relatives. Then on to relatives in Texas and Indiana. We spent a few days with friends in Poland on our way to some meetings in the Czech Republic. In the fall we made it to Spain a couple of weeks.



We spent two relaxing weeks in Spain in February on the Costa del Sol. At the end of June we went on a two-week cruise from Gothenburg up the coast of Norway to the North Cape to see the midnight sun. We also visited a number of fjords and a glacier.



We started out the year in Indiana with a surprise birthday/retirement party for Louie. We spent Easter in Denmark, visiting the church where Louie's maternal grandfather was baptized. We later visited the Lions Club in Høng, Denmark. A short time later we visited Lions Club in Stade, Germany, celebrating their 40th anniversary. In June we spent a week in Norway together with Patrik's parents. In November we were with relatives in Texas. In December Louie attended a pumpkin conference in Florida and we had time for some sightseeing as well. After a week in Indiana, we made it back to Sweden just before Santa arrived.



In mid March we visited California, seeing many relatives. After a stop in Arizona to visit Myra's sister Marie, we headed for relatives in Texas and then ended up with relatives in Indiana. We ended the year with another visit to Texas and Indiana. 



In March we had a wonderful visit to Israel for a couple of weeks, where Louie attended a "pumpkin meeting". In June we were in Stade, Germany for "Swedish Week". We spent a week in July with friends in Finland, extending Louie's business trip. In October we spent three wonderful weeks in Australia, getting in some sightseeing after Louie attended a conference in Adelaide. We spent Christmas together with Patrik's family in two cabins in Norway, with good skiing for all who were interested. 



After all the activity surrounding Kassie and Patrik's wedding in July, we took off for a week in Zell am See in Austria. 



In March Louie and I spent a weekend in Copenhagen -- the first time we've done that. The beginning of May we went to Denmark again with our folk dance group. Myra spent a quick weekend in May in Warsaw together with our friend Joanna, helping her to promote a book at a book fair. In July we went on a 4-day bus trip to Berlin with Myra's brother George and his wife Sandy. Kassie and Patrik went with us as well. We later spent a couple of days in Copenhagen with George & Sandy and after that a week in Norway. In September we spent a week in Italy, where Louie attended a Eucarpia meeting.



We started the year by celebrating Louie's 60th birthday in Auckland, New Zealand. We spent time with pumpkin friends on both the north and south islands, as well as with friends in Christchurch. We continued on around the world, stopping a few days in Bangkok on the way home. We spent a relaxing week in Norway in August.



Known as the "year of travel" we started out with a week on the Normandy Coast in France with Kassie & Patrik. In May we spent a week in Torremolinos, Spain where Louie attended his first "pumpkin convention" while Myra went sightseeing. In June we visited Germany with Myra's sister Marie. We also visited Stockholm and Copenhagen with her. In July we spent some time with relatives in California and then continued to Saskatchewan, Canada where Louie attended barley meetings and Myra got in some sightseeing. In August we spent a weekend in Høng, Denmark with our folk dance group. Just before Christmas we met up with Kassie in California and then headed to New Zealand where we celebrated Christmas.



We started the year in Knokke, Belgium with Kassie and Patrik. Louie spent the month of April in California, helping his siblings get their mother's house cleared out. Kassie and Patrik spent the summer working in Pfreimd, Germany and we visited them to celebrate Myra's 50th birthday. While there, we spent a weekend in Prague in the Czech Republic, where we celebrated our 30th anniversary.



We spent a long weekend in Holland with our folk dance group in May. In June we were in Stade, Germany for "Swedish Week".



We were in southern Germany for New Year's Day. The end of June we were in Texas for Wendy's wedding. From there we went straight to Guelph, Canada where Louie attended barley meetings and Myra went sightseeing. We then rented a car and drove down to New York state by way of Niagara Falls. Louie and Kassie later met in California where they visited relatives. 





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