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Halloween 2007





THREE Halloween parties this year!

P svenska


Grandma & Grandpa visited school

07102604.jpg (48247 byte)  07102611.jpg (43130 byte) Grandma & Grandpa visited my class and told them about Halloween and showed pictures from past Halloween parties.
07102610.jpg (43457 byte)  07102613.jpg (37145 byte) MY Grandpa made a jack-o-lantern, showing the whole class how to do it.

Then we had time to draw pictures of pumpkins.



Decorations inside and out

07102702.jpg (61018 byte) 07110104.jpg (35361 byte) 07110105.jpg (33000 byte) Anyone need to go to the bathroom? When did they clean here last, anyway!
07102706.jpg (76693 byte) 07102707.jpg (53245 byte) 07102703.jpg (74590 byte) 07102705.jpg (72189 byte)



Good food

07102829.jpg (65832 byte) 07102847.jpg (71598 byte) 
07102710.jpg (71303 byte) 07102708.jpg (73225 byte) A witch crash landed in the chocolate cake and is covered with a pile of "dirt". Notice her shoes!



They all came

There were three parties this year. One for adult friends and their families. One for 24 six-year-olds. One for 21 pre-schoolers. Here are pictures showing some of the costumes and activities.

07102711.jpg (71864 byte) 07102713.jpg (63254 byte) 07102717.jpg (64726 byte) 07102718.jpg (77063 byte)
07102722.jpg (26271 byte)07102726.jpg (46496 byte)07102728.jpg (45603 byte)  Mummies -- a team project.
07102730.jpg (48090 byte) 07102804.jpg (37888 byte)  Tired after a long day.

Ready to go the next.

07102805.jpg (77265 byte) 07102806.jpg (61046 byte) 07102807.jpg (73277 byte) 07102810.jpg (35166 byte)
07102811.jpg (71777 byte) 07102823.jpg (49087 byte) 07102826.jpg (58404 byte) 07102828.jpg (56718 byte)
 07102841.jpg (37221 byte) 07102845.jpg (55037 byte) Bungy spider still going.07102852.jpg (71151 byte)
07102856.jpg (64705 byte) 07102865.jpg (26867 byte) 07102871.jpg (63776 byte) Piata time.


07103106.jpg (33599 byte) A special jacket came from Indy.
07110201.jpg (66656 byte) This jack-o-lantern will last awhile.

Look at the little spaghetti squash that Louie talked to all summer out in the field!




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