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Halloween 2006





TWO Halloween parties this year!

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Decorations inside and out

06102807.jpg (70009 byte)06102813.jpg (49040 byte) One pumpkin among others

A happy jack-o'lantern

06102812.jpg (46874 byte)06102821.jpg (47448 byte)06102831.jpg (50558 byte) When did they clean house last?

Those spider webs have been there longer than the piano!

06102817.jpg (46020 byte)06102901.jpg (37908 byte)



On Saturday good friends and their kids

06102823.jpg (49019 byte)06102824.jpg (61607 byte)06102830.jpg (48986 byte) Lots of people came and we all had fun.



Good food

06102818.jpg (46529 byte)06102819.jpg (51552 byte)06102825.jpg (51650 byte) Flour tortillas with butter + sugar & cinnamon, cut out with cookie cutters and baked!

Creepy crawly things (with sausage inside)

Is that a hand coming out of the guacamole?

06102834.jpg (48171 byte)06102836.jpg (55856 byte)06102838.jpg (60176 byte) The table is set - Mexican food for the adults, meatballs with pink, white, and green mashed potatoes for the kids. Special Halloween plates for the little ones.
06102856.jpg (43536 byte)06102857.jpg (38021 byte)06102859.jpg (37284 byte) Dessert-time and the table is set. Casper the friendly ghost riding on a broomstick.
06102861.jpg (56740 byte) Everyone enjoying dessert



Pumpkin piñata

06102839.jpg (61936 byte)06102850.jpg (51381 byte) A pumpkin with his pumpkin piñata.
06102854.jpg (53713 byte)06102855.jpg (44522 byte) All the kids took their turn hitting it.

Finally they burst into it and could pick up the candy from the floor.



On Sunday 20 pre-schoolers came from playschool class


06102912.jpg (46549 byte)06102920.jpg (38923 byte)06102938.jpg (50984 byte) They came.
06102928.jpg (47326 byte)06102944.jpg (36604 byte)06102945.jpg (42371 byte) They conquered.
06102904.jpg (58735 byte)06102907.jpg (58794 byte) Pumpkin-shaped chocolate cake.

Witch pound cake.

06102948.jpg (63313 byte)06102954.jpg (54824 byte)06102955.jpg (61572 byte) They ate.
06102971.jpg (45051 byte)06102982.jpg (43405 byte) They attacked the piñata.
06102987.jpg (42174 byte)06102988.jpg (52224 byte) They left.




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